1. SALUTE. For the past couple of months, I got to know Nat and we became very close friends as we all should here on LL. Natalie is a very gifted lady and she got my full support and If she needs any help whatever it might be and I will try my best to assist her. This is all teamwork and LLTV is moving in the right direction. Thanks to Rudi who was doing all the hard work in the background to get this website up and running. We all need to proud of what Scott has achieved since moving away from the UTUBE platform. Today’s stream hardly had any cliches in and I found it much stabler than utube. Even on the chat, I could notice a relaxing mood and we also had some ROLO chocolate to eat at a stage [LOL]. Thanks, team for backing me up on that. I really love you all. Keep on supporting Scott who is our “DADDY” in all of this. May our good Lord give him the strength to keep up with his good work for South Africa. Shalom.

  2. Viking Boer – we also have a new IT guy, Daryl van der Merwe, (JVR is his uncle) assisting with our uploads on lovinglifetv.com! He was part of getting this up and running. Scott, Daryl and Rudi spent nearly three hours last night to enable the live streams on this platform … while I was watching them do it in the background on Skype

  3. Hi everyone.Help please. I’ve logged in but can’t see the live streaming, its just blank. What am I doing wrong? Watched a bit this morning but now no luck

  4. Hoop Rudie fix binnekort die chat op cell streaming as julle verstaan wat ek se

  5. Michelle Mullard wrote:

    Hi, is this how we chat here

    No, you use the Side Chat like normal on PC… (on Tablet and Mobile we’ll have the Life Chat up soon… like the 24/7 Chat but customized for the Live Streams)

  6. @ Rudi Geldenhuys:
    Oh. OK. I’m on media pad, no wonder. Thanks Rudi. Was watching though.

  7. scott looks good. have been watching your show daily for 2 years.thanks for all the hard work..ons vir jou boer volk

  8. I am sure we can make a plan and sort this out. You Tube is banning and deleting a lot of channels including mine and in the end You Tube will fall down the Abyss that’s waiting for it as many people are ditching You Tube fast. Good riddance to You Tube. Now that aside.
    Rudi and Scott: You need to have a donate button so people can donate to this channel take a look at Lisa Havens channel (Lisa Haven News and Restricted Republic).

  9. Liz Austin wrote:

    I hope I am in the right place

    Hi, Liz, You will always be in the right place if you are on the LovingLifeTV website. Thank you also for your support and your lovely friendly face on the live chats. Please keep praying for Scott and everybody on LLTV and all the people suffering in SA.

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