1. Me hometown. whoop whoop. gonna listen now to see what’s up. Should be interesting (The community of Kuruman is far removed from the blueprint / ideological aspect / vision of “one small town”, but hey, nothing is set in stone right)

  2. Listening about the Moffat Church and yes it is tragic, but you don’t need to stress about the Guest houses. They make money regardless (Crossroads etc etc).

    And I do agree 100%. If Kuruman can be turned around then there’s no limit to what can be achieved

  3. I sense this exceptional project in Kuruman is going to be a huge success and thus a promotional example to the rest of the world – much to the chagrin of the bankster cabal whose financial criminal system is collapsing globally. This project should be encouraged by all, then copied by all and invested in by all.

  4. This One Small Town project should be promoted in Zimbabwe. It would be the answer to all the corruption and poverty there.

  5. Your story about the locals of Maleny, Queensland, continuing to support their local IGA supermarket when big bad Woolie built a big supermarket right near to them? I can vouch for that personally Scott. We used to live in Maleny and yes we continued to shop at family owned IGA, even when the intruder tried to destroy them by price cutting. Maleny was the best little town in Australia with friendly people and tourism for its beauty and my heart is still there. The diversity of its people was never a problem – hippies, farmers, ‘blow-ins’ like us etc – all accepted the others.

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