1. As christians we need to keep away from this witchcraft practise of hypnotism, its not for us ,leave it to the pagans.

  2. Talking about pulling when shaking a hand, that was a Trump speciality.

  3. No true, born again, adult baptised, obedient to Christ, Christian, would ever look at this video because it is of the occult. God says when we look at things that He forbids, then we become part of the forbidden and Hell awaits us. This occult is a doorway for demons to enter and that is why we must have NOTHING to do with it. Don’t think that you will look at it and then repent, because God will not be mocked. You will not be forgiven for that deliberate sin and that is quite clear in the bible. Stay blessed all you faithful followers of Christ.

  4. @ Shane Pengelly:
    I agree.
    Love doesn’t lead you down the rabbit hole.

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