1. paton should of been kicked out of s a ..just like peter hain parents who were born in s a .

  2. SA is ready for takeover, partially or in full, by anyone who can organise enough riots. There is no shortage of struggling blacks who are very eager for a positive change in their lives and have nothing to lose. They will follow any baboon or the devil himself. The White Monopoly Capital and the Overlords Overseas are already planning to break SA up into a few small countries that they can control better with their puppets, so the ANC/EFF [Black cats/Red Cockroaches] will not be a problem anymore. If the Cape breaks away now, the Police and the military will not be able to stop them. Get your Passbooks ready.

  3. What if Biden authorizes the UN to send troops to force the province back into the SA union? He is politically correct enough to do that.

    That was the beauty of Trump and why you should have acted when he was President. He couldn’t help you but he would not do anything to hurt you either…

    These virtue signaling idiots in power now are just dumb enough to pull a stunt like this. So it is not just SA troops you have to worry about; but some international force comprised of various virtue signaling idiots from other countries…


  4. Soon comes the EFF/Zulu version in this series titled: “Loot the Beloved Country”…🤪🤪🤪


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