1. @Loving Live > Scott, thank you so much for giving Muzi a platform to speak from. I have great respect for this young man and I must really compliment him on his knowledge about the prophecies in the Bible. I know it is a sensitive subject but I would like him to come and give his testimony as a Muslim and how he converted to Christianity. I have a Facebook that deals just with Islam and debates with its followers with over a thousand videos of debates and information on it to watch. I also have another Facebook blog where I write in deep about Islam so people can learn what this Islam cult is all about. Here are the two links to my FB pages dealing with this :
    AND –
    Thank you and God bless.

  2. Isn`t it clear by now that if you tie yourself to a stone you better not go swimming?
    White SA has tied itself unconditionally to a black majority of which NKosi just gave a social and cultural profile.
    Is this what you want? Are you whites still in the mode of “educating by example” against all evidence that it does not work?
    On the contrary; if you play with shit,you`re going to smell like shit. Who is influencing who? Who is going to give and who is going to take? Is this what you want for your children:losing the best for the average of the worst?
    Let the blacks learn how to solve their own problems,with trail and error in their social and cultural settings and time, like the whites did and do in theirs.
    Yes,apartheid. If there are fields that overlap like religion,political vision and moral,share them,but living together on a social level is an impossibility.
    How many whites live in the townships? How many blacks are living in former white neighborhoods? See,a one way street:give,give and get nothing back in return but hate and threats.
    Let NKosi be a prophet for the blacks.Where he is now on the timeline of a black mentality,we Whites,past that point somewhere in the 17 th century and in 26 years of ANC government,they didn`t catch up much now,did they? And NKosi made it very clear:they-don`t- want-to.
    Stagnant and static in their tribal minds,not even hunter/gatherers,but rapers and reapers. From our perspective: degenerates.

  3. Hi Scott – the work you do is excellent as you reveal the truth. Plus Muzi Nkosi is an absolute

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