1. I love Peter Hammond he has so much wisdom. May God bless him the way forward and his family God bless you all 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Scott:- Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth, Skin for Skin. I have a new YT account and I have made it my absolute mission to hunt down these DROLL’s and I flag them I do the same on Bitchute and on Brand New Tube. If these commies comment negatively on a video that I feel is hatred, racist doesn’t fall into my narrative that I deem distasteful I flag it!
    These commies want a war I will give them one.

  3. You will find that most of the world’s governments are in bed with the Chinese and it’s one big Orgie!

  4. @52:35 How has my life been in 2020 I hear you ask? It has been turned upside down and I have taken a giant leap backwards about 20 years. I was evicted from my apartment and now I have lost my car all due to lockdowns. When the first Lockdown came we had amnesty for rent and other things like Car payments then we had a second, third and fourth lockdown and then there were no amnesties at all but, thousands of people lost their jobs and were unable to make their payments and now millions of people have been made worse off by loosing their car’s and their houses. These Governments all over the world and globalists are laughing at us. We need to fight back but so many people have been lied to and they are delusional and have no clue what is going on!

  5. Peter Hammond: To be honest with you I believe God was so disappointed with his creation (That includes the Jews) he eventually turned his back on us in shame and disgust. We also murdered his only son.

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