1. If I was still living in my old country South Africa 🇿🇦

    I would’ve voted 🗳 for both the African Christian Democratic Party And Vryheidsfront plus

    Because they share similar values and sentiments with my beliefs as a Muslim

  2. @ Colleen Conway:
    Loving Life, this is another spammer.
    Please block the name.

  3. @ The Truth can you please remove Colleen Conway from this channel as something is not right with his or her spam messages

  4. @ Wanda Cartagena you are one of these type of trolls that really eats on people’s nerves as a piece of cancer. Can you please not post your trash on this channel- criminals like you should be locked up and tortured. I really do not want to use French on you. Please remove yourself from this channel people do not have time for your scams and games

  5. alll i say is that no matter which party comes into power that within a few months they also join the gravy train,,look even in Germany this year 3 german state members resigned for receiving 300 000 euros for tender fraud,, the perfect Germany as we all think they are, look even at Pastors or clergyman–men of the cloth—regularly one hears even of them helping themselves to money meant for charity—in Cape Town, this year,, same as i always say–show me an honest lawyer,,,


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