1. What makes a woman tick??

    It is that little HAIR TRIGGER TIMER SWITCH (situated in the sharp tongue) above the C4 Military grade Explosives (carried in the boobies of every woman)…


    Just joking…

    What would we do without women in the word?

    There would be no wars, no economic crisis, no fancy cars needed to impress women, no politics, no political parties, no violent crime, plenty of time for golf and hunting trips, lots of time to watch rugby, no loadshedding!!


  2. It is most annoying when people do not regard others as individuals and think that there is a “clever tick box” that people live in they “know”.

    Some people have been more “programmed” than they realise when they think they have a “formula”.

    Relationships make you happy, or they don’t. Move on when they don’t work i.e. there was a mistake when choosing a partner.

    Be open and honest, and take it from there. People can find their own formula for happiness themselves…

  3. Guys we buy round pizzas in square boxes and eat them in triangles…if we understand why we do this then maybe we will

    understand women. They are special and unique…without them we would not exist


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