1. Looking forward to listening to our old friend Phillipe. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the health field.

    I for one will not be getting any jabs. I have been scoffed at and verbally abused by those who have taken the jab.

    Conspiracy theories are thrown at us.

  2. We welcome all whistle blowers on this platform who stands for the truth and opposed all fake news and MSM garbage and despised NWO hangers-on.
    Even the Bible teaches don’t hide the evil-doers, but expose them – bring their deeds to the light.
    We are in for another eye-opener live stream.
    Hang on to your seats.

  3. How on earth are we going to be sble to avoid being jabbed? Looks like nobody has an option ,we hear so much about how bad it is to take it but can anybody advise as to how to avoid it ??? Please help with ideas

  4. When we said that the mandatory face mask was just the first step in instigating a travel dompass, people laughed at us. Now you cannot use public transport without a vaccination card or travel dompass. what is next Vaccination Nazis – door to door searches and dragging people of to jail? There is talk in the US of democrats(read communist NWO) going door to door asking for vaccination cards.

  5. Thank you for this amazing information. Ek kan nie verstaan hoekom mense se oë nie oopgaan nie.

  6. I tried to get the livestream with Philippe last night by logging on to lovinglifetv.com, but without success. I am wondering what I was doing wrong because I am registered on the channel.

  7. They cannot force me to get vaxed. I have circulation problems and I am not going to risk being another statistic because of blood clots. They can go and wrap themselves up as far as I am concerned. I watched a JD Farag Bible Prophecy video a few weeks ago. He was reading testimonies from people who are victims of the shot and he was crying with despair for them before he had finished reading them.

  8. Indeed, I have really been looking forward to this. Thank you, Scott and Philippe!

  9. I have mentioned Reiner Fuellmich to Scott in an email. He is a MUST watch! He appeared on the Trueman show. Check it out!

  10. Hello there Scott, Yes I know that I am watching a ‘Recording’, but maybe you can put this out again regarding the ‘Chlorine’ for water Purification ….. In South Africa we would call it ‘Bleach’ …. Sodium Hypochlorite …. Something like:- ‘ JIK ‘ or any other Brand of Liquid ‘BLEACH’…. What a Wonderful Vidclip, so much helpful information…..
    Thanks a Stack, sure that it will help Many !!!!!!
    Cheers from NZ

  11. Scott, do you have links to the CDC or Medalerts we can send on? These stats tell it all regardless, no-one can argue with that!
    Thank you for a great channel!🙏

  12. bribe a doctor, just walk out with the certificate and the doctor can dump the vaccine in the basin….

  13. I am a State of California employee and it’s mandatory for vaccine to enter office, guards at doors to verify vaccinated. I lost my job after 20 years of employment. Took my retirement account and left with nothing. Everyone else immediately had vaccine.

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