1. i just hope shes not going to say its a fool proof test,,on her other live show i explained what happened back in 2011 i think at a gold mine i worked on when they arrested 55 workers for stealing gold concentrate of which 2 security people were included, i worked in the gold plant, we had to do every year a poly test and was then paid 300 rand if you did a volunteer test, so natural we did 2 times a year to get that 300 cash extra, and believe me we all passed the test with flying colors, and what was the famous question—did you ever steal from your previous employer,,,,,, of which we all did and passed.. a rubber or a pen and pencil you took is stealing======and of those 55 who got arrested did every year their test,, once all of those were arrested we never ever did a poly test again because they saw and realized its all a farce,,theres ways to jippo as one calls it to past that test,

  2. anthonygermany – Did you ever steal from a previous employer? That is not a strong question at all. I would never, ever ask such a broad question.

  3. im just giving the facts,, i cant remember all the questions,im trying to think what was asked–have you or did you steel from ???? it was at one of Kloof gold mines plants, im trying to remember how many questions the woman asked,, she was a blond bombshell, it was difficult to concentrate ,, no really she was gorgeous ,,


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