1. And South Africa burns while this idiot sits in jail probably drinking African beer and eating mielie pap while digging in his nose and watching TV

  2. according to a Heather smiley on the live chat on the other video about Dr Phillpe she says,,_______ heather smiley
    ​Phillippe isn’t even a doctor, much less the “specialist” you claimed him to be some time ago. Why are you lying? what does she mean now

  3. communist terrorist . can not even keep the lights on for a country. do remember this ramapoess clown was deputy under zuma for long years 2 terms as head of state. they looted a nation like evil Siamese twins watching the shacks get thinner and international investment running out the country in the billions a day. the greater azania socialist banana republic. pathetic .you should really add it up this has all been planned from a to z .mystery criminal elements like smoke and mirrors .

  4. Destructive , chaotic terrorist doing what they do best. Always looking for an issue to go apeshit. A better riot for all ! ANC !

  5. Unless Ramaphosa fool, (Hippo eyes) deploys the Military, this violence, looting and destruction as well as intimidation will not end.

  6. the greater azania socialist banana republic. pathetic . i bet the chinese shops are being looted flat and burned out..


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