1. “Will this just be another of Ramaphosa’s rambling loads of rubbish?”

    Ya got that right, Billy Bob.

    Have ya ever noticed how any pandemic avoids government officials?

    Zombiephosa must set the example by being the first to be vaccinated.

  2. @ Mark Garnett. Hi Mark, apparently the Chief and our recently disgraced Health Ministaa supposedly received the jab on 17 Feb this year but who knows what was in that syringe🤥😴😏🤥🤥

  3. GLUE SNIFFING IDIOT . hes been looting the future of s a with his terrorist gang for decades..hes nothing more than soros little rent boy

  4. the anc begging bowl is large and the lies they will tell to get free money from the west will be all time woopers. Ramaphosa’s rambling nothing but bull sh8t terrorist camp rhetoric..sanctions need to be put on anc south africa at all costs


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