1. Cant wait for the broadcast, believe me all medical staff are scared to say anything negative against the jab because of fear of being fired,, only reason why so few are standing up against it

  2. i see its a big story on News24, tey calling it disrespectful and misplaced

  3. i see this is even being discussed on news24,, try saying its disrespectfully towards medical staff

  4. After my daughter was “obligated” to getting tested for covie by her company after falling ill. She tested positive, the virus is real, and its nothing like the flu.
    But, I nursed her for the for the first 8 day and she has recovered well. Her immune system kicked in with the help of IVERMECTIN and Probiotic daily.
    On day 8, I too caught the covid, never went for testing as trust me, you know when you have it! I treated myself with her help in exactly the same manner. I’m on day 20, feeling a little weak still, but I’m over the worst.
    This means, WE ARE NOW IMMUNE, WE DON’T NEED THEIR EXPERIMENTAL JAB to mess with our immune system. All 100 + sections of the immune system fired on full cylinders to heal both of us. The jab triggers only 7+ parts of your immune system to stop the virus killing you, and you can be reinfected with the jab. Natural herd Immunity is being stopped by our governments, forcing us to wear masks and being injected with toxic baby fetuses. The jab will kill you in the end, this I strongly believe. This is what they want.
    Go natural, I’m 58years old and a survive of this “deliberate man made virus”. Herd Immunity is the only way we are to survival the virus. Take off your masks!!

  5. Strange! this video was on youtube earlier, searching for it now, it’s nowhere to be found?
    Anyone have the same problem🤔

  6. Roy Robeck wrote:

    Strange! this video was on youtube earlier, searching for it now, it’s nowhere to be found?
    Anyone have the same problem

    It was removed from YouTube, due to the nature of the content, which might have resulted in a Community Strike against the Channel…

    The video is here now, ONLY ON LOVING LIFE TV… but you can download it from here, no problem. You can also share it from here by means of the Social Sharing Buttons below the video.

    So, there is NO PROBLEM!

    Rudi Geldenhuys

  7. @ Edward Barlow:

    I’m happy to see his finally saying something but as a former intelligence man it baffles me that none of then have said much about all the information globally coming out via various sources ( https://t.me/worlddoctorsalliance on telegram message) regarding the vaccines injuries! Why is it so hard to say stop the bus, there are problems people not aware of! Info that is being with held from the public and this is what you should be aware of what info looks like so go find it and be aware of it before making a choice! For any party that wants to show the public they pro the people of SA would have made that move long long ago!!! They waiting for the last min to look good as this is going to be blown open very very soon from the USA end! Biden on his way out and would be good to see the boss man back to rip off the plaster!

  8. HI there I noticed that it was said that SAPS was harassing people that is a lie – SAPS did not harass anyone at the protest. People must stop lying – in fact the SAPS member there, were absolutely awesome – it was also said that they harassed people NOT wearing masks – that is also a huge lie – I myself spoke to some of the SAPS people and I was not wearing a mask and none of them harassed me in any way and also did not ask me to put my mask on. The only time that SAPS intervened was when a small group of vaccinated people turned and were causing problems and SAPS asked them to please leave. It was a peaceful and effective protest. SO PLEASE DO NOT SAY THAT SAPS CAUSED PROBLEMS. This video was really badly filmed – it was moving all over the place and really we did not have to be subject and listen to the lady that could not close her boot – very unprofessional.

  9. Awesome guys, let our voices be heard! There so so many sheep asleep and that are so ignorant and think they know it all and do not appreciate light workers reaching out to make them see what they dont want to see at all odds. Its a really sad story when you see how they label the historical info as conspiracy theories that these days only have a 6 to 8 months period to become conspiracy fact! If you think back even the Gupta story was conspiracy theory till the Gupta emails came out which was supposed to teach the people of SA a big lesson but they have learned nothing and want an easy way out with the mark of the beast!


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