1. Hi guys connected and watching from the UK so happy to see people awake well done taking to streets . This is crazy

  2. Well done to all involved; it’s high time we see the wood for the trees and act accordingly!

  3. As I’m watch,online keeps cutting me out and I suspect online are jealous and don’t want me to watch your great video. These lockdowns is just to interfere with people so that they can steal our lives. This has to stop.

  4. These leaders in the world who are on about lockdown are against the people. They want to use the economy, starvation, unemployment to force themselves on the people. They are disrespectful of the power of the people’s skills and lives and want to challenge the people. Such terrorist scum.

  5. Hoi Bee. The amount of people banned from You Tube,twitter and Facebook has grown exponentially the last month. There is a purge going on! The rules for content and comments are getting stricter and stricter everyday. There is no free speech in the social media anymore,it`s all a propaganda war.
    Check out Gab.com,the introduction page, and see for yourselves how many people have been silenced.

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