1. Wow. SA President gives a lot of live speeches. It is curious. He must like the attention he gets from everyone each time he announces another speech…Reminds me of Obama, always lecturing people…🤔🤔🤔

  2. How the connection between Covid and the economy was hammered home. As if before 2020 everything was rosy and black.
    The economic situation of SA was and is only underlined by Covid,as the messenger,not the cause.
    Covid shows how corrupt and incompetent the whole of black organisations over the complete line of the society were and are.
    Poes can only hide behind pep talk like the rest of this menagerie of false prophets the eNCA has lined up here.
    Good luck with that….

  3. Only, 83, but will to war for the Cape.
    Will at grow greens for peoplf and would like help battry to help feed
    all sugestes, please.
    Paul & Hazel Smith

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