1. @the truth even if it goes on for 3 hours, don’t stop. The most interesting livestream ever.👍

  2. Why do u think we are being locked down again? We can’t get or arse out of the mother fucking ANC.

  3. Missed “hier bly ek boer” at the end.

    Fantastic livestream. Please another one … same panel.

    Thank you Scott.

  4. Richardo has also lost hope in SA courts. Let him ask the courts what country SA is basic their science on?

  5. A complete miscarriage of justice. This justice system needs to be returned to its subordinate role in society. It is a corporate control system of private corporate institutions which are nothing other than service corporation, no different to a mcDonalds or KFC. The Legal BAR system is a private organization for controlling corporate trade originating from admiralty law of the seas or maritime law of contract for fictions and not living men and women.
    The belief in democracy and the separation of powers is a illusion. It is trickery and fools many. It’s utopian dream.
    Power has been usurped by corporations.
    We need to return society to GODs law. Law of the land and natural law. Courts must be there where cases brought by living men and women against each other or against fictions are judged by a jury of peers.

  6. The Judicial system of SA has been hijacked by the international banksters and the Afrikaner spies and sell-outs the likes of Rupperts and Opperheimers and Open society to mention a few. There are people in key positions from medical, academics and and all spheres in SA associated and connected to these international agencies that are drafting SA’s policies serving as consultants to the SA government agency. But good on Mr. Maarman for standing up and fighting together with other organizations and individuals for the freedoms of the living man.


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