1. Romans 13:4 for he is Gods minister to you for good but if you do evil beware for he does not bare the sword in vain for he is Gods minister an avenger to execute wrath on them who does evil

  2. What Ricardo is saying is very true. The evil cabal is very deceptive. They will create the impression that the mainstream and the alternative media is against one another but in reality they are pushing you towards the same destination. It is the yin and yang concept. Both are two sides of the same coin. The philosophical concept describes how opposite forces may actually be complementary and interconnect. Even the spat between Mr “New Dawn” and Minister Sisulu now playing in out in public seems to form part of the yin/yang concept. We have all been misled, deceived and fooled by this evil agenda. It’s time to wake up! Thanks for your bravery Ricardo for exposing this evil.

  3. Synthesis, antithesis and thesis. This is the illuminati method of deceptions. Both side of politics are controlled by the same elite. The right and the left. Left is pushing Trump’s operation warp speed. The climate change deception is next. They are planning to kill billions and save half a billion people.

  4. What does the brother say about the koi sons wanting all must move to the mountains in the future.

  5. The pure blood are driving out the vampire’s and demons called main streaming or fake news reporter’s. The witches and the warlocks. In the Apocrypha and the Old testament.


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