1. First post! Hi All! Please ask Schalk – We are all in catch 22: Vaxed people health and immunity compromised AND spike protein factories – and the rest of us will get worse infected by them!!! Can our natural immuun system handle that?

  2. There is no virus.

    The real virus is “groupthink” and fear of a non-existent disease.

    If all the sheep believe the same lie, then anyone who steps out of line and points out that the masses are insane, gets shamed and attached negative labels.

    “Covid” does not exist.

    The Media is the virus.

  3. The corona scam live stream video has been removed almost immediately. This video everybody needs to see. Can we please have it here or distributed on a Telegram channel perhaps!!

  4. @ YesterdaysVictorian:
    You can share the video as wide as you can – the share social media options are below the video.

    Stay safe – Stay away from the Jab.
    God bless,

    Thank you very much, I eventually saw what I can do here. I have been an antivaxxer since 2010 and I am prepared to go sit on the street if it comes to that before I take the jab and take my child out of school. This vaccine has been “predicted” at least since 2012 and I have downloaded videos where people warned about the whole plan that is playing out now. I also have a document about Mind control that I saved and printed out from 2010 and all the steps mentioned in that document is what is happening step by step. Chuck Missler also have a video that is still on youtube on Transhumanism and chimera’s and biological warfare. In 2104 the first photos and articles came out about chimeras. This definitely has been planned a long time ago . People against the shot should also familiarise themselves with CRISPR Cas9. None of what is happening now happened overnight. We need to warn people as much as possible even it they think one is crazy which they do. We can not allow our children to get infected with the injection.😔

  6. The banks will eventually require that you are jabbed as to be able to use the banking system and you will need to show that on your bank app with the certificate being displayed and a photo of yourself. That jab will also be the latest jab (boosters) as if the previous ones don’t count at all and as if you are a non vaccinated without the latest and with the latest certificate. Your status will show you are not fully vaxed. Your human right to buy or get medicine or food as to live will be taken away and that is unconstitutional but in the meantime to fight this abuse, you will not be able to pay anything and you lose your house and car and family and legal costs will be sky high. Cash will not exist and the only thing left is to barter. Already warnings were mentioned that if other with valid certificates are to buy things for you that they will be breaking some law. It seems that the only way forward is to treat this as a declared war and we have no choice but to react to their one sided war. Our lives are in great danger.

  7. Thank you. You guys sre salt o the earth!! May Almighty God protect, guide & bless you abundantly..

    Warm regards Billyk Johannesburg, South Africa

  8. try our kids with your poison VILE……. thanks Schalk you are REAL MAN , SPEAKING REAL TRUTHS. WELMARCH FORARD INTO VICTORY WITH YOU.

  9. FAUCI may very well be KILLED by a very disgruntled injured person or whose kid has been injured….. thats not in HIS playbook..watch this space …

  10. Hi, just thought I’d mention that fauci attended a Jesuit college, have you read the Jesuit oath? Jesuits, illuminati, free masons, skull and bones and many more secret societies all connected to nwo and luciferianism. I’m sure you know this already, maybe you could get an expert on the topic.

  11. Excellent interview, and thank you Scott, for having Schalk on your show. I’m going to needle Rudi Geldenhuys now, I think Schalk really rocked his boat by referring to the German J’s and stuff like “goy”. I think it is time people do some basic research and realize that that particular country has very little to do with the original people of the bible.

  12. Hi from SA (South Australia), very informational – however, can you please clarify the statement you made in the video that the CARES Act in the USA was already done in 2018/19? My research on the US congress site does not indicate that – there was a bill proposed in Jan 2019 that was to change some of the financial/tax effects of the Obama care Act, but it was never made an Act. That same bill was then “set aside” by senate Republicans in beginning of March 2020 and completely reworked into a new draft of the CARES Act which was debated extensively and worked on by both Democrats and Republicans before accepted and signed into law on 27 March 2020. All acts relating to covid19 that I could find originated in March 2020. Go check it out on the US senate site with all the listed senate reports under “actions” for each bill/act.
    We do not want confusing info and be blamed for falsehoods thus weakening our fight against EVIL!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  13. 1h11m – Btw, the Head of Pfizer, Albert Bourla is a Greek Jew and a qualified veterinarian to boot.
    We can possibly have him prescribe ‘animal’ Ivermectin to those of us who wish for a safer option. ;o)

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