You are entitled to your beliefs and opinions.
    As an investigative journalist I form my evidence based on scientific, geological and archaeological evidence, not religious / biblical hearsay.
    If you provide solid evidence to disprove anything I have presented, I will gladly take it into consideration, but I do not consider your link to provide empirical proof of anything one way or the other.

    I agree with you, VIKING BOER.
    It might seem fascinating and interesting, but is it Biblical!?
    The Bible doesn’t need some scientist or guru to prove it’s accuracy.
    Science will not exist if it wasn’t for the existence of creation.
    The further we develop scientifically, the more we realize how absolutely true and spot on every fact in the Bible is.
    God bless

  3. Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
    Meaning according to the Gesinius” Do not breed with the lineage of the serpent.
    This was said to Adaum (Adam) which means First white man.

  4. Sorry Mel, those are NOT agricultural canals, The whole area is glacier valley back when southern africa had an ice age. I was part of a team that map the world via the discovery space shuttle. If you go further back to the perri Reis maps, you will see that King Soloman shows a large lake with two large islands in them. The Khoi also talk about “the people of the water”

  5. The kalk river caves also shows lots of fishbones and copper hooks, when they traded with the men of North.

  6. @ pviljoen:

    P Viljoen… Those are absolutely agricultural canals. I have submitted these images to Geology professors across the world, and all of the agree that this is not a natural phenomenon. Nature simply does not create hundreds of miles of repeating straight parallel equally spaced lines over such long distances. Once examined properly, there is no other conclusion to come to other than these lines are of intelligent design, and certainly not a natural phenomenon. There is not a single glacial valley on earth that shows glacial movement in the geology with such precise straightness and with hundreds of equally distanced parallel lines. If you can provide an example of glacial striations on geology which produced hundreds perfectly straight, equally spaced parallel lines, please feel free to send these images to me. If you cannot find such an example, you simply have no evidence to set a precedent for what you are suggesting… Secondly, how do you know that Southern Africa was even covered by an ice sheet? Is that what mainstream academia would have you believe? Do you believe what they are telling you. Terms like “stone age”, “iron age”, “ice age” all need to be revisited. They are grossly misleading and rather inaccurate as can be proven by the many supposed temples in “ice age” locations such as Gobekli Tepe and the temples of Malta. Lastly, if you were part of the NASA discovery team that mapped the world, then you have no credibility anyway. NASA is nothing but a front for Black Ops funding. Trillions went into supposed missions to the moon that never happened. IT was started by Werner von Braun, a Nazi rocket scientist who was smuggled into America under the CIA’s Project Paperclip, using a Vatican passport. NASA have never been a trustworthy organisation. May I suggest you check out this incredible documentary AMERICAN MOON, which presents scientific evidence that the Moon Landings were faked (LINK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=KpuKu3F0BvY&fbclid=IwAR2IF5lFgAm17wzIQ2N90J-3YNiN179Zko0JNV-IVIAze3nyInqeVOcdvCE). So if you are just expecting me to believe you based on your rather dubious claim of being part of any NASA operations, then to be honest, all you do is prove why you are clueless about anything at all… Furthermore, you make statements, but provide absolutely no proof to back up your claim, which is false.

  7. @ pviljoen:

    Regarding your comment: “The kalk river caves also shows lots of fishbones and copper hooks, when they traded with the men of North.”

    I am not sure why you felt the need to include that. The presentation showed did not deal with the Kalk River caves. This is not my subject. It would be my subject if there was evidence of Ophiolatry (being Serpent / Dragon worship) or ritual activity. Terribly sorry but your commentary is irrelevant to the point at hand.

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