1. Greg Adams:FYI,coup happened in 1989,De Klerk vs Botha,the latter had to concede due to health reasons.

  2. Civil war – Never ! God will never allow it ….. if we keep praying 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. It might not be as formal as a civil war but just descent into total anarchy leaving everyone to fend for their own food and safety concerns. As per usual as soon as some communities pull their areas together the usual suspects will show up looking for handouts and to mess up whatever you have built…

    That is why the many voluntary groups you have formed will be invaluable going forward…😏😏😏

  4. @ Rafeeq Johnson:
    P.W’s cabinet rebelled and de Klerk was the leader. If you recall, before P.W left the conference room, he fired the entire cabinet. I don’t buy into the fact he was having health problems as he lived into his 90’s. I guess technically, it was a coup, but the National Party continued to rule the country, until 1994, where de Klerk sold out his own people for what we see now happening across your country. Remember, this opinion is coming from a dumb old American.

  5. ORDER OUT OF CHAOS IS THEIR MOTTO! sacp is in bed with nwo. one day soon millions of bantu will be just a cheap work force for the real baas ccp . wages will be soup and beatings. all this anc b s less than 3 years ago s a will have 25 plus new super cities built by 2024 . terrorists on buttons a tik they can not even keep the lights on.

  6. the IFP  or some zuma club have 100s of tons of guns amo rpg old soviet stuff stashed. political tribal faction war is coming to s a big time. 10 ex zuma ministers and 10 in power now have planned this so called the people have had loot riot. this shit is just the first phase the second is burn farms 3rd kill whites and indians burn loot suburbs. old ramapoo poo is a venda he will be going out its well planed . this anc talk of anc must run own s a economy is the plan by fire

  7. i spend this morning looking at the footage of the 12monthe leadinh to the 1994 elections – That was much worse – much worse

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