1. Will spread the word to boycott woolworths. The media can’t hide the atrocities happening in SA from our heavenly father. He sees all.

  2. So even non-profit and charities have to have 80% of their clients black or they cannot get help from government, churches or corporate entities…

  3. I came over to lesson again missed some of it. Makes me cry what they do to whites.

  4. The other issue is I wish we had better statistics so we would know what is actually going on. The last group said it was 1.2 million whites in squatter camps. Now this organization says it is 745,000 whites in squatter camps. Now that is a big discrepancy. Where are we getting these statistics from, just so we know what’s going on here…😧😧😧

  5. The black ANC govt has ruled their white citizens with force and severity, 745 k whites in squatter camps is the result, most realistically minded people would have known what was to come in 94, the liberal lefties who thought differently were delusional , the blacks have trashed SA and Zim.

  6. Its unbelievable that the whites have no guts to make a stand. So far en no further has been reashed long ago
    ik schaam mijn ogen uit voor de slappe houding van de blanken om elkaar niet te helpen en dat noemt zich christelijk

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