1. @LovingLife:- So all in all if you are an unvaccinated person who lives in a house with five other people who are fully vaccinated and you also live in a small city and go to work where there are 200 people and 70% of them are vaccinated you as an unvaccinated person are chronically screwed?
    Thank you to the vaccinated and you say we the unvaccinated are selfish people. It’s you the vaccinated that should be put into concentration camps!

  2. @Loving Life:- Even if you live in a house on your own but, you go to the shop and you are there for say 20 minutes or you go to a shopping mall for an hour or two you are breathing in someone’s aero souled particles and this is shedding. So you are not safe from these people that are vaccinated!!!!!!

  3. Scott can you ask Philippe how the Graphine can enter the blood of an unvaccinated person.Unless you get blood or saliva or body fluid from a vaccinated person entering a cut or wound on a unvaccinated person.

  4. Hi Scott,
    Wow, the more I try the more I find that your Website is being Blocked by slowing it down.
    I know Streaming is not easy to Block or slow down, but believe me, they are achieving it on final transmissions into the Ether of the Internet. Slowing down Streaming is a cause of concern as viewers become edgy and then skip the information.
    I have on several occasions taken liberty after downloading and placing your information on Bitchute. Perhaps another avenue to consider by doubling up on this streaming site?
    Kind regards

  5. Biblical view states that we will employ burial people who will find the flags showing where the dead lay, and then go and bury them. They will be continuously employed.
    This is a fact as we see people just plonking over and dying.

  6. Iron World

    People are sick
    and there is no justice.
    The fields are concrete
    And steel.

    People are sick.
    There is no justice.
    The fields are concrete.
    And steel.

    Smoky, chill and iron air –
    Crowded spaces
    Bobbing bare and bitter hopeless
    Human faces.

    People are sick
    and there is no justice.
    The fields are concrete
    And steel.


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