1. Scott I am a practicing Muslim

    And I am truly great full that there is a huge dialogue between

    Muslims and Christians with some differences yes but everything we agree with is similar

    Capital punishments against

    Sodomy or lgbt


    Drugs & alcohol



    Human & child trafficking


    And lastly Satanism and occultism

  2. I forgot to mention the fact that those things are also sinful things for us Muslims

    The point is I have complete sympathy for the Christian countries out there in the world 🌍 that haven’t turned away from God

    Like my beautiful old country South Africa

    In the past in South Africa we had righteous leaders like

    Hendrik Verwoerd
    Siener Van rensburg
    Paul Kruger
    Christiaan De wet
    Koos De la Ray
    Jan van reebeck

    All of them especially the Boers where a religious God fearing people

    Same with the griekwa people they where also a righteous God fearing Christian community

    Just like the Boers and the Rhodesians

    We need righteous leaders

    And the only one I’ve come across in South Africa

    Is Kenneth mishwe from the acdp

    And dr Peter Hammond

    We need regse manne just like them

  3. @ Satans Spawn

    Hey idiot !!!!

    Shut it you don’t know what you are talking about

    Scott Balson

    Unlike you and everyone else

    He genuinely cares about the people of my country South Africa

    And supports getting rids of the filthy communists

    Who are currently ruining our beloved country South Africa

    Do yourself a favour if you do not like Scott balson

    Unsubscribe from the channel

  4. @Rudi Geldenhuys

    TROLL ALERT…..🆘🆘🆘❌❌❌📛📛📛

    We have another hate filled bigotted troll again calling itself Satans Spawn….THE KEYBOARD WARRIOR is tired..I leave it…. the creature….to you to deal with

    Take care my friend

  5. Just to put a spanner in the works, I have a few comments and observations which I would like to make. I will probably be shot down for saying this…There

    are many different religions in the world who worship Our Creator. Within each of these different religions there are different factions. Also there are

    many different versions of the bible in the world all written over hundreds of years by hundreds of different scholars who all wrote down things as they

    understood them and also wrote down things that suited the narrative of the times that they lived in. Through the ages many wars and religious

    indifferences were a direct result of religious intolerence. But all of them believe in God. Surely there should be one religion and that is the religion of Our

    Creator following his true teachings without the influence of 2 different Ministers, Priests, Rabbis etc reading the same version of what is written and giving

    different interpretations. If there was just the Religion Of God there would be no religious intolerence, no religious wars and strife and just maybe good

    would finally conquer evil and we would have a peaceful human race…..I am just saying…..

  6. @ Kerri Armstrong:
    Yes when a true person of God ministers the enemy will try all sorts tricks to thwart that person, i remember when an Ian MacCormack gave his testimony in a large school hall in my city here in NZ, midway through the life changing testimony a big strong maori man came in and upset the service, and claimed the meeting was taking place illegally as all the land in NZ was maori land.

  7. @ Kerri Armstrong:
    @ Shane Pengelley

    I am a citizen of the beautiful country New Zealand 🇳🇿

    I’ve lived here since 2008

    But unluckily there is a huge demonic presence in this nation

    Our beautiful country is filled with Freemason lodges and clubs

    And the beehive parliament itself is a Freemason symbol

    Not only that I’ve even looked at the statistics of this country

    64% are atheists
    37% are Christians
    4% are Hindus and Buddhists
    And 2% Muslims

    Yes the majority population of NZ are atheists unfortunately

    That’s why there is so much wickedness out there

    Like homosexuality

    Child abuse
    Domestic violence
    Corrupt politicians
    Drugs and alcohol
    Satanism and occultism

    In my opinion New Zealand is far more worse then my old country South Africa

    At least with South Africa there is a presence of bible believing God fearing Christians

    Meanwhile NZ has atheists


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