1. I have been in contact with Aubrey the Khoi guy. He will need to work according to protocol, asking King Kubhuka III. So it should happen as soon as he got permission from him

  2. @ Marlena de Villiers:

    Why am I unable to send messages? Lior has sent Scott a Skype request – liorlosinksy It says server is busy that is why I cannot send messages

  3. Hi,

    The Side Chat dragged the whole WEBSITE DOWN, so I fixed it so that you can watch but not chat till I’ve sorted Side Chat out!!

    Rudi Geldenhuys

  4. If my sister was permitted to use Ivermectin earlier she would still be with us today

  5. Bill IS a monster Hit the like button, Hit the like button, Hit the like button, Hit the like button, Hit the like button, these are a small emxample of thr posts ths’
    (I’I=OINtRudi, I.”””””””””””””””””””””””’i’I’M COJIhesethat’s for theAlzheimer’s people…. pass on the message!

  6. I had problems earlier trying to access the stream but I will try to watch it tomorrow when I have the time.

  7. A small correction Scott . I also thought that the Nuremburg trials had hundreds of Germans on trial . No , there were only about 9 on trial and the rest, highly trained in their fields of weapons , science etc were shared out to Britain and USA .

  8. Great feed. Very informative
    Scott, you must get someone from Israel on a live feed regarding what they doing now with vaccinations. Basically going to boil down to no vaccine, you can’t leave your house. Scary shit happening there.

  9. Hi Scott and oll wanderfull loving life Family bless you all take care and Special thanks to rudi

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