1. Universities are mainly funded by tax payers and thus the government can’t allow compulsory vaccination as it is illegal as Ramaphosa confirmed when he said that no one will be forced or coerced to be vaccinated. So we can only assume that the current government and the president are mandating forced vaccination or the education or future of the youth and workers at universities will be destroyed if they don’t comply. The human rights are trampled on and the Nuremberg code applies here where this is a declaration of war on the tax payers and citizens and it is a war crime to let this go ahead. The president and the administrators of the universities must be added to the case of Reiner Fullmich naming them as war criminals to be tried.

  2. but in one way it will be good if universities in sa close down,, because thy any case just a breeding ground for unwanted babies,thy are brain washed by commies and bbbeee, sex ,drunkards drugs, are so bad at these places .so close them down any case yes i know what about those who really want to learn,,

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