1. Thankyou ,The Truth, for posting this on u tube, for some reason i cant get these livestreams to activate on my computer, looks like the u tube nazi thought police have just removed it from TT channel Any mention of black people being violent is not to be spoken of apparently particularly where blacks have been totally barbaric such as in the Congo where many have had limbs hacked off.

  2. well the bacongo tribe just love a good old snack of human liver .north angola at that time was a bacongo area same as over the border in congo Zaire later .holden roberto was angolan but grew up in the belgian congo and was indeed the brother inlaw of the president Mobutu of Zaire . upa was also funded by sweden no surprise their then .the horrors of carmona would make a horror film look mild. amazing civilians held off thousands of well armed savages for 6 weeks .the porras of s a spoke very little about what happened to their lives in angola in the 60s . i knew many round s a .

  3. Fabric of Terror Hardcover – 1 Jun. 1965
    by Bernardo Teixeira

    this one of the only books printed about the 3 days of terror in north angola.


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