1. He is executing Uniform Commercial Code article 1, UCc-1 which is the ruling law for all planet earth continents, they are the only laws that can be used against corruption at the highest levels due to the 1930 Geneva convention. They are common law, natures law, gods law. They cannot be changed.

  2. I am sorry, but this World Martial Authority is the biggest load of bull, crap and hogwash I have ever seen!!

    Clearly these people do not know ONE IOTA about the Legal System, Laws & Justice System in South Africa and the world… neither do they know ONE IOTA about the Legal Process, Presidents, our SA Common Law and procedure.

    Baffoons, all of them… living in Coocoo-Land… the Land of Make-Belief!

    Simple is as simple does…

    I think a room full of mattresses against the wall is destined for these fools!! They are shouting “Weskoppies, kom haal ons seblief!”

    Daar is nie pille vir dom mense nie!!

  3. GEE Whiz, is that what he calls himself, a fancy title but no meat in his actions.
    What a load of utter BULL meringue and not worthy of a good laugh.
    I would rather watch James Bond.

  4. Welcome to an overview of UCc-1, the World Martial Authority and AlterNations.
    UCc-1 Private and Commercial law jurisdiction. UCc being Universal Commercial codes, this being different from the UCC or ucc, these are both corporate, the UCc is NOT. These laws supersede all others since the Geneva convention in 1930, UCc-1 is the ruling international law due to the international community declaring themselves bankrupt. All statutory legislators, legislative law makers globally are suspended, null and void. All laws outside of UCc was, is permanently suspended. The UCc is recognised by the ICJ and ICC as private international laws pertaining to governments, quazi-government agencies, regulators, banks, institutions, corporations as well as private and public individuals. Written by the SICJ, the Sovereign International Court of Justice ̈Under UCc 1 bankruptcy Articles, any bankrupted entity (entire et al international community and its chattels, i.e., governments, banks, businesses, non-sovereigns, etc.) have no authority unto operate and/or act against an ordained and/or certified sovereign. Hence, the sovereigns controlling the present allodial titles are viable enacted document certified sovereigns having UCc wielding power under the FRRf cLPT provisions ́ ́
    In laymen’s terms, Uniform Commercial Code article 1, UCc-1 is the ruling law for all planet earth continents, they are the only laws that can be used against corruption at the highest levels due to the 1930 Geneva convention. They are common law, natures law, gods law. They cannot be changed.

  5. I am disturbed by what certainly appears to be an upside down cross high up on the wall behind where Lee is sitting.

  6. Aw gawd, cannot watch this drivel. Not surprised you had this maniac on, Scott, but glad you questioned his bona-fides. I do think that the likeness to the purported other Lee is uncomfortably similar.

  7. World Martial Authority ..AND TITLE OF COMMANDER ..will the anc shake in their boots ..

  8. RUDI . they escaped from from ward 9 . only to be found on planet zog smoking zol

  9. Go to Rumble and search Nuremberg trial. All the code are there to view which clearly shows that Governments across the globe are guilty of medical deception and therefore subject to the death penalty.

  10. @ Wahib Mitar:
    Thank you. People need to truly understand how simple this is. There have been many that have tried to impose their aberrations of this very basic common sense which is God-given and is the foundation of our conscience.


  12. @ Rudi Geldenhuys:
    When “laws” allow criminals, many “presidents” and “legal systems” included, to get away with lies, theft, destruction, and harm to others, then they are not “laws”. That is the hogwash that should be renounced!

  13. Do those people that could not listen to this, and had some very ignorant and insulting comments, not know that we as a country are listed as a corporation? That is a fact. Do you not know that you, as a human are the “asset/slave” being sold? Useful as a means to generate taxes/income and disposable when you are not. If you have forgotten the 10 commandments and God, at least do some research into how doing so, became an absolute mess.

    Yes. I am furious! You seem to be waiting and doing NOTHING to stand up for God in the meanwhile!

  14. When people go to jail, they are given a number. So why is your id a number and not your name? The corporation that sold you can explain that and watch them squirm. Do some research into how you have been captured and lied to by the greedy scum bags that are trying to control you and extract what you have created for yourself!

  15. @ Rudi Geldenhuys:
    I cannot agree with you more. Right from the start this did not sit well with me.

    And I thought YouTube and Facebook were a bunch of mental snowflakes.
    They go on and on and on about a voucher system and common law but bear no fruit.

    I am sorry but are we going to fooled again?

    One of the moderators gave me a timeout on the sidechat because I dared to call them out on their Bulldust!
    Bailey Henderson hier by ons sal ‘n goeie plek wees vir hierdie mamparras.

    Thank you for your good work.

  16. LEE CLEGG (World Martial Authority)

    Lee Clegg (“Clegg” is a typical 13th Tribe surname)

    Special Forces involvement (red lights flashing already) MI6?

    His organization is connected to the UN (bigger red lights start flashing right now)

    He dishes out “free money”. Right!!

    Who is going to provide this money? (Do they have secret vaults full of gold laying around?)

    Ohh, right… He is well connected to the Banks (World Bank, IMF, FED). Red lights flashing everywhere.

    He claims currently being part of a “higher authority” than the UN (that is disturbing)

    He suggests that he is not working together with fellow 13th Tribe surnames like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Dimon, Oppenheimer, Soros, Kirsh, etc? But he will use their money?

    A simple WHOIS IP search gives the following…


    As anyone can see, they are SUPER SECRETIVE

    Another Rothschild-created FALSE FLAG!!

    People, viewers…. use your BRAINS, and THINK

  17. @ Heather Smiley:
    If you look right at the top of the the emblem or logo you will see the symbol of the freemasons. The masonic square and compass
    Very disturbing!

  18. Great way of handling the interview Scot, May His Grace be your protection to keep on telling the Truth…

  19. This guy is clearly part of the new world order. Is it not the mandate of the globalists to create a one world order? This guy in his own words now is proclaimed to be the leader of the global
    Martial authority.

    1.His card says he is a level 8 authority, so who holds the positions 1 to 7?
    2.He says he has marshalls in South Africa, who are they?
    Perhaps Zondo???
    3.He comes from the very country that has created this world-wide crisis. So how come he hasn’t done anything about the killer vaccines in his country yet?
    4.He talks obout his main goal to wipe off debt( not stopping the genocide). In actual fact his country has been bankrupt for the past year.
    5.He claims to be the word marshall authority.
    Read up on the word MARSHALL LAW and see whats to come if we decide to go with this idiot.

    I am very disappointed to hear that Fanie Fondse is associated with this guy.
    I would be very weary about Mondays meeting at parliament building.
    I am very wary because this guy said that he would like to see more tribal leaders there.
    I would suggest a big screen and Zoom participation by all in leadership positions.

  20. The original law was auricular (spoken) by the Divine. for God spoke things into being i.e thus Divine law stands above.
    LAW is an acronym for (Land – Air – Water) and that is exactly the authority that the roman cult propagated through the ages to execute all authority over every soul and living thing upon (land-air-water). Thus the law has been established to only act in their favor.

  21. @ Tom Wilcocjek:
    Very secretive: As are you. Not one reference to you other than your comments on LLTV…

  22. @ A2J:
    Our roman-dutch laws have nothing to do with the very simple Divine Laws that anyone can understand. Even the mafia do not like it when what they do to others, is done to them.

  23. @ Viv:
    Thanks Viv you are correct
    People should get a glimpse at their future by googling Martial Law

  24. @ Viv:
    I suggest that you go and do very thourough research on this Clegg individual. Where he comes from, what he stands for and who his master is.

  25. These are guys with desperate delusions of grandeur. Thinking people should reject this nonsense out-of-hand. The world has enough problems without another self-serving grouping trying to rise on the lunatic fringe. Notice how they want to be above everything and everyone.

  26. @ Heather Smiley:
    U must have a very good imagination to see an upside down cross anywhere, I fail to see it.

  27. Scott, why are these people to ill prepared for such an interview as far as graphics, power point or some thing for us to look at explaining their story ? they are basically selling us a great dream/idea but at the same telling us the old way we have done things will change with a new system. explaining over and over again they are not a corporation but a bonded authority etc… if they had graphics or something perhaps the info would come across better (i know for me it would) also if they had some visuals of the structure, and examples of what they have actually done thus far. i have been on their website, its pretty basic i would have expected something more professional and easier on the eyes, more steam lined. also how does one say, join a project or get in contact with a project perhaps already happening in your area? what about the real grass roots projects that don’t cost millions or as simple as opening a day care for kids or teaching kids to swim, or teaching yoga? ps the mason compass bugs me too, i cant un-see it.

  28. @ Shalom7:
    Oh my word, really? You definately need to go get better information. The emblem you refer to as Masonic is the hammer of justice😂🤣😂🤣. Pkease go and google what the masonic emblem looks like.

  29. so is he a Jedi knight or a power ranger .FUBAR. Double the pills for hon lee global commander, he’s having a relapse .hon lee your first stop in south africa should be Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital

  30. @ Antoinette Vosloo:
    You’re wrong!
    I see the hammer of justice Antoinette!
    Look above that, just above the word bond and the number next to it clearly for anyone to see. I am not fooled by these buggers who clearly has a very dark and sinister motive.
    I rest my case.

  31. @ Antoinette Vosloo:
    Miskien as jy die hele livestream kyk, sal jy dit sien!

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