1. @ usmom750:
    If you were living in South Africa and have no money, what will you do? Your comment is not realistic because then all white South Africans must leave – only GOD knows where too.
    (I deleted the rest of my comment explaining where the “k” word comes from)

  2. I will not leave SA because this country is my birth place. Even though I could leave, I refuse vaccinations to travel and as @viking boer says HIER BLY EK BOER.

  3. In short Vici got imprisoned for being robbed. Evil issues an understatement

  4. The judicial systems is very corrupt all around the world/ I really pity this woman as politics played a part in her trail..

  5. Viking, I love and have sympathy for all white South Africans stuck in South Africa; but, I would be lying to you if I didn’t agree with your comment “all white South Africans must leave”. You will never be safe there, more importantly your children will never be safe as long as they live there. That is what this channel started as although I must admit a bit of ‘mission creep’ has snuck in. The channel originally spent a lot more time high lighting immigration opportunities for white South Africans.
    Sorry but I would be remiss in my duty if I stated otherwise. Really really sorry.

  6. @ usmom750:
    A lot of South Africans can’t just up and leave. Many would if they could but, where would they go where they will not face hostility, contempt and resentment. I feel very sorry for the white South Africans who are being oppressed and persecuted by the majority and MSM are saying nothing which tells me they are complicit in what is going on there it’s the same with the Governments of this world especially the UK and the USA. I would help if I could but due to the Plandemic and these lockdowns I am financially struggling and my situation will get much, much worse when they bring in these covid-passports as I refuse to take the PCR test and refuse to get vaccinated.

  7. Rudi: It’s getting harder and harder to view your video’s as there is so much buffeting.

  8. Well Sunclief that is what this channel is about giving people ideas and options. If not outside of South Africa than inside of it…

  9. The point being that white people inside of South Africa are tottering on the edge of catastrophe and cannot continue on as if nothing is happening.

  10. So I still have unanswered questions. Is her case over finally? What was her ultimate sentence? Did she have to pay compensation to the officer in question? How is she living today if she has lost her employment?

  11. @Mr Geldenhuys, would you please, have a look at the buffering of this and other videos please? I was not able to watch this specific video without continuous buffering. I also checked my internet and other sites videos and there was no issue. Thanks.

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