1. Maybe another member of the Loving Life family can arrange for them to set up their tent in a yard beside a house tonight or something.
    I hate to think of them sleeping outside before they reach an actual town…
    Stay safe fellows and godspeed…

  2. These young men are a wonderful inspiration, we pray for The Lord’s protection over them. Now that they have a support vehicle it would be great to see them having a lite weight cross with them.

  3. Hi Scott, I love this new platform. However I am having a hard time picking up live broadcast in the American Central Time Zone. Since America is now on what we call Day Light Saving Time, where we moved our clocks forward one hour, I am now 7 hours ahead of Johannesburg Time. Are you broadcasting from a Australian Time? Rudi, it was nice talking to you on the telephone. I am having a little buffering here in America.

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