1. Our Chicken Licken store at Mall @ Carnival was beset by EFF Members protesting and hindering the owner to open, so our Community Safety Structures (AfriForum, CPF, Radio Group, Security Companies) stepped in and they are open again… but much more, some of us decided out of princlpe to buy Chicken Licken today, to see to it he does not suffer any financial losses…

    What I aim to convey is that for every action against us, we can beat it… we can find ways around it… we can keep ourselves strong and show our resolve.

    This counts to the other way too… if Corporates and Companies force the woke, leftist , New World Order agenda… then we simply take our money and support away from them, boikot them, hurt them in the pocket!

    So, stop buying a single Media24 Newspaper or magazine, do not subscribe to their online subscriptions, shun SABC even more than we do at present and do not pay a TV Licence. Let’s send them a clear message that they needed us and did not heed our calls!!

    Support LOCAL, support and buy directly from farmers, support within your Minority Group, support businesses without any BBB-bloody-EEE statusses…

    And people, get involved in your own Community Safety Structures… it works, it is efficient… and it keeps us safe!!

    In the Upcoming Elections, do not stay away… VOTE, VOTE, VOTE… vote the assholes out of power… now at the end of October and definately in the 2024 National Elections!!

  2. This is the way forward.I have stopped buying from a few companies already and won’t be going back no matter what. As for Multichoice that is going end of this month. I support Noseweek. Biznews and a few other creditable eyes open newsfeeds especially Sky News Australia. As for VOTING I cannot stress enough the importance of WAKING up ( NOT WOKING PLEASE). I am all for the New Beginning with my choice.”THE CAPE INDEPENDANCE PARTY.”I think that the message will get through to the dicks that run (RUIN) our country. Since joining in Scots channel it gives me a feeling of optimism but my big gripe is still THE BOERS. Why vie for power. There is no leader yet although there is a gentleman Scot has invited on his podcast. I think he has General status in loyalty. Looking forward to this evenings podcast.

  3. Well my first vote is for Cape Independence Party definitely.
    My second vote might go to the ULA, I’m unsure.
    I prefer to buy local anyway, even my cigarettes – GOLD LEAF TOBACCO.

  4. Support the companies that support us. Not the fake news peddlers. Agree with all of the above comments.

  5. Anti vaxers are fake news look at what the vaccine has done for the UK. I’ve lived here during the whole pandemic. I’ve had both my Astra Zeneca jabs with no side effects

  6. THIS Charles Wells must get kicked off this platform guys,, how can he say we anti-vax are fake news ,,, what has Vaccine done for the UK,, come on man

  7. @ Graham Leigh:
    agreed, they have never come across as more divided as of late and it stems from Boer ego unfortunately, they still gripe over white English South Africans not understanding that when the hammer falls we all in the same sinking boat .. guys wake up 🙂

  8. @ Rudi Geldenhuys:
    Fucken A! and only using expressive words because we are off Censorship City (Youtube; FB and the rest of the PC tards ruining culture today)

  9. @Charles Wells…YET!!!! Pray to God that you received a Placebo. Their was method in their ‘madness’ so that more confusion and division would come about.

  10. Hi Folks,

    Busy fixing the video… Scott’s recode from the Live Stream to on LLTV only was wrong and in the wrong format… will leave another comment as soon as i’ve fixed it!!


    Rudi Geldenhuys

  11. Charles Wells is entitled to his opinion, but he should not share it here. The vaccine is a scam.

  12. Women of Child Bearing Age, at least in the USA, are complaining of lumps in their breasts and problems with miscarriage after taking the shot. Of course the media wont speak to this, but it seems rather prevalent. Beware.

  13. A reminder that you can get the outline-plan discussed in this video from:


    We will help you put the meat on the bone in your alternate community economic hub. The first step is forming a Buyer’s-Club with friend, relatives and neighbours to reach joint buying-power. We will help you from there on in terms of finding suppliers and how to run your hub.

    There is already a network operating in the Pretoria region. Here is the link to KOSonline as discussed in the stream.



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    This is a special price only available to LovingLife members. A word of warning. The story is PG-rated SNLVP and what makes it worse is, it’s all true!

  14. Interesting topic. Will also start using KOS in Pretoria. I would like to know more.


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