1. We need more programs (live streams) like this.
    The people in the chat loved all the information and there are so much to share with each other.
    Nobody knows everything.

    You can’t run to a doctor with every cough !!!

  2. Everyone thought that I was crazy when I started using Dr.Robert Beck’s Health Pulser and Colloidal Silver in 2001. I used to get severely ill from the flu

    which landed me in bed for 3 weeks at a time but within weeks of using the machine I sometimes get slight flu symptoms which lasts for about 24 hours.

    Colloidal silver is also amazing. I make my own which is a little stronger than the store bought product. It has incredible properties for healing wounds. I got

    severely burnt on my face and hands from an electrical flash (The doctor said 3rd degree burns and that I would be heavily scared).. I soaked bandages in

    colloidal silver and was healed within 2 weeks without any scars. My doctor was speechless. Also fantastic for throat and chest irritations when used as a


  3. Big pharma probably saw this coming that it will destroy their phony industry and that is why they want to jab the global population because then they will make this method useless by destroying the immune system that must still function as to make the blue light gadget work . After the nwo takeover they will then by force prevent any counter medical developments. The gadget will repair the blood but not the mRna/ dna damage……or will it??

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