1. This is absolutely appalling! If this is the curriculum, then this means all these daughters are already asking their fathers these questions. My question is: Why is there not world war 3 kind of blow out from all the fathers in Victoria. Or where ever this filth is peddled. Don’t the children deserve better than that. When I grew up our parents (obviously not all), but the vast majority loved their children and would take 10 grenades to protect their children. Boy those were the days, when we kids could walk to the local cafe / shop and buy sweets without any fears. Ride our bikes many towns / suburbs away, and just be back home before the street lights came on. I guess Disney’s filthy subliminal messaging is now starting to come home to roost. We really need to ask ourselves, how on earth have we failed the children so badly. Not only that these sickos are teaching this filth, but also parents are letting them. Disgusting and depraved!!!!

  2. This is nothing new. When I was in primary school in 1950’s the year before we went to high school we had a sex education class for 3 weeks after school

    ended for the day. Our ages were 10/11 years. A letter was sent to our parents to give their permission to attend. There were separate classes for girls and


  3. next they will have gay pedo teachers giving live demos in the school halls streaming live to face book. woke nwo the real satan. but say such people criminals will land you in court and kicked off face book. putin says they are mentally disturbed criminals infecting the youth . hes right

  4. @ Jaguar:
    Hi Jaguar, I remember when I was in primary school and we had sex education. But it was nothing like what they are teaching or trying to teach the kids today. In my day it was just one class and it was very clinical and strictly about the birds and the bees. We were also split up, boys and girls separately. There was nothing about sexual orientation or sex changes and all the other vile things that the LGBTQ XYZ club are pushing on the kids today. Never ever was I ever sent home with a work sheet with instructions on asking my father about erections and ejaculations or my mother any similar things. I think my parents would have been horrified and would have ensured that, that head master got fired! And our parents were informed about the class and given material to prepare us for the class. They also had the option to not send their child / children to that class. But today it is being done without the parents consent. That’s why this guy in the video said, he only found out about it when his daughter came and asked him those very disturbing questions. There is a very large push happening at the moment to sexualise underage children. Like the Netflix movie called “Cuties” as one example. But there are many more. Like Scott says, they are attacking the family unit. Please also understand these same people are also trying to drop the age of consent to have sex to 12 years old sir. Trust me, these people’s intentions are highly nefarious. Just down right wicked with a capital W.

  5. @ Kerri Armstrong:
    Oh yes my friend they most definitely were the days. I’d go back in a heartbeat. I am sure evil has always been lurking, but today you can’t even let your kids play on the front lawn without supervision.

    I couldn’t agree with your more. We should always walk in righteousness and truth, so all that see us give glory to God because of His Righteousness shining in us. That should always be one of our top priorities.

    I am extremely revolted by the darkness that is attacking the children today. Children are so precious and also so impressionable. I am sure you have heard, children are like sponges. Because they absorb things at a higher rate when young. All this evil is extremely damaging to their little, fragile minds. This nonsense should never be accepted ever on any grounds what so ever. Parents today really need to nip this in the bud now, before it’s too late. Satanists are notorious for preying on Children. And these Luciferians (Globalist Elites) are coming for them.

  6. This is disgusting and sick. This shows the massive moral decline of the world especially the western world today and it also shows how close we are to the end. Jesus is coming back very soon and the evil scum that are targeting children that are preying on children and that are corrupting children with this garbage and filth are very soon going to stand before almighty God and are going to face almighty Gods judgement.

  7. @ Shane Rule:
    I agree 100% with you Shane…also remember in Roman Times girls as young as 12 were married off by their families. Probably in some places this is still

    practiced.We are living in a very sick world and the human race is being attacked by a supremely evil force. At the moment the balance between good and evil

    has tilted to the evil side but divine intervention will put this right providing that we don’t all sit back and do nothing. Even sharing these videos and

    commenting is doing something. May God help us all🙏

  8. @ Jaguar:
    Absolutely my good man. Oh okay, I never knew that about the Romans. Well they do say history has a way of repeating itself. Paganism is a good example of how not having Godly values can effect a culture so profoundly. Yes sir, I agree we should always stand up for what is right, in any way we can. God bless my brother.


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