1. just love this channel, thanks Scott and to all the lovinglife members a great and proper’s 2022 and may Gods blessings be abundant in everyone’s life and family,may His blessing be on all family

  2. Good morning 🌄 LL family. I’m listening to Marlena’s selection of music 🎶 now. Beautiful. Will see which one is Scott’s song

  3. Scott’s song is… Sound of silence … Wow thank you Marlena and Scott it’s absolutely beautiful songs

  4. ALTA wrote:

    Scott’s song is… Sound of silence … Wow thank you Marlena and Scott it’s absolutely beautiful songs

    You got it in one Alta 🙂

    Lovely selection of music Marlena – listened to it twice now 🙂

  5. Mark thinks it is Over the Rainbow and I agree with Alta Sound of Silence. Mark was expecting Umfaan. LOL!!!!!!

  6. @ Mel F:
    Ja n stil en rustige Kersfees, en toe begin dit toetrek met hewige wind en donderweer. Was julle Kersfees lekker? En ek sien die wind begin weer waai, en die wolke pak weer saam

  7. @ALTA Shame jy kry ook nie veel rus daar met die donderweer. Ons weer was super mislik gister so ons het maar die beste gemaak daarvan.

  8. I love watching women dance and so I adored the music before the song “Barcelona” 😇

    That was my favorite version of “Sound of Silence”

    “The Prayer” was heart touchingly beautiful.

    We must get our resident Elvis to do “Spanish Eyes” for Marlena.

    “Somewhere over the rainbow” is so relaxing and in reality it’s right at South Africa’s doorstep.

    The rest was quality music, rejuvenating my love for classical music.

    I totally love your music selection, Marlena.

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments. It was a pleasure. Totally unplanned, but woke up the morning and decided to do it.

  10. @ ALTA:

    That creep “Not loving” was such an amateur thinking we know nothing about Scott.
    We know the jab causes brain fog, but that guy takes the cake.

  11. @ Mark Garnett:
    I will not let anyone insult our LL family, so that @Not Loving he/she ..got no manners at all, i was so angry.

  12. Scott just told me about this troll. In fact another two on other videos. He has a good idea who might be behind it! Such people have nothing else to do. What a sad life they must have.

  13. Ray Verster – I think you have given me the most beautiful compliment I have ever had!


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