1. Who controls blood donating and transfers. What insurance do I have that vaccine blood will not be transferred to me?

  2. These adverse reactions are real.
    As an AIN in a supporting medical role I see this everyday of my life at the hospital where I work.
    The staff have no answer for this, as they are caught unaware and have no new protocols on how to deal with this enigma.
    Nothing is recorded as being vaccine related.
    We have female patients over the age of 70 for instance landing up in the maternity ward due to heavy menstrual bleeding. Something that is completely unheard of. Just to mention but one adverse reaction.
    It absolutely scares the hell out of me to see what is going on.
    Just the other night I was talking to the father of a 23 year old young woman, fighting for her life, after receiving the vaccine.
    Again you can’t make this shit up and yet we are kept in the dark by the so called health pro’s not revealing the truth about how lethal this drug is to the human biological system.
    What do you then?
    You keep on blowing the whistle on what is really going on and you keep on warning people about this killer weapon they are pushing down our throats.
    Life is sacred! Let’s fight the good fight!

  3. Sadly you preaching to the converted , I get all sorts of flak on Facebook when I try to enlighten people

  4. @ 74077407:
    Yes 74077407
    Sometimes I do get the feeling that our comments are falling on deaf ears.
    There is no as blind as the one doesn’t want to see and no one as deaf as the one who doesn’t want to hear…..

  5. The willing labrats situation will continue, because those jabbed will not admit they made a mistake experiencing strange reactions after the jabs. Many will keep quiet if the adverse affects are of a type that can be hidden. Many will discover in the meantime that they may really die now because of the jab and not because of a (fake) virus that may actually be graphene oxide and they will become aggressive and maybe even think that if they are going to die, let others then die with them, and they won’t appose this attack on humans. The few good people will warn others but it may be too late already because of the possible spike protein shedding. Carbon in the form of nano particles may also be used in water purification but with their graphine oxide added to it, We are sitting ducks being hunted.

  6. I feel awfully bad for any vaxxed people watching these videos. To know what lies ahead and not being able to change the outcome.

  7. Do not feel “bad” @ sandyB3: because fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

    The bible even warns against accepting the mark of the beast, because they will not gain entry to heaven.

    Perhaps you feel “bad” for those who were forced to be jabbed, in which case I’d agree with you.

  8. @ sandyB3:
    Some articles actually mention that to combat this graphene , the glutathione levels must be kept high with certain diets like eating foods with lots of phosphor and to take N-acetilcisteina or NAC to flush as much of the graphene oxide as possible and not to take any more shots. It takes 4 months or so to improve your health doing this but the nwo terrorists will make sure you are reloaded with poison every 4 months as to keep it at the dangerous levels. Apparently supplements doing this are already being withdrawn from the market like they did with iver mectin as to ensure we die or to make it very hard for us. If we don’t arrest these criminals soon then they may win this war on God’s creation.

  9. The Leaders and Politicians all around the World are all Frequence controlled!This is going on for thousands of years! What dit Jesus said on the Cross, Vader forgive them…they don’t know what they are doing! We are Slaves of are unknown Ras with high techn.background!
    What lives between us,they manipulate us,to get rid of us! They have been here on Earth,bevor we where created! Only Jesus with his 2nd comming (5-7Dim.) will help us,this satanic Creatures have to leave because they can’t take his
    Lightenergie! (All-love)


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