1. Dr Fauci smiles and sniggers and says “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN “.This scumbag will get off free as he has his mates Gates , Soros and Schwab backing him.

  2. i totally believe him,, because go and look in Italy how many old people in old age homes died and in the USA in 2020 when the so-called virus started just in the USA alone hundreds if not thousand old people in old age homes were just left to die,

  3. There is no virus. That is true. It is the hospitals and care homes that are killing the people with these lethal drugs and techniques. Our own hospitals are killing us. How long will we just sit back and watch them kill us?

  4. Now you know why autopsy weren’t allowed and people were cremated.

  5. Also the testing must have a lot to do with the ‘waves’ where it was shown that some swabs had particles and parasites on them and parasites will take 2 weeks to hatch or to start making you sick and that was the time it needed for the labs and test results to come out and you tested positive on the fake pcr testing method, but none the less you were feeling ill and submitted to the hospital (Fauci) protocols that included injections with remdesivir or midazolan and you were put on ventilators. Without further real testing for lung infections the ventilators kept on pushing and stressing your lungs and so actually helped the pneumonia to kill you. Family and cell phones were kept away from you and no one could intervene in the killing process. Congress in America and all members and family, were exempted from testing or injections that actually served as bribing by the useless cheaters, as to make sure they did not intervene in the process of genocide. So it will be in other countries also and here even (some) doctors and maybe parliamentarians and people of influence, were given the same option and that is why our medicals are silently allowing the genocide. They probably realize they are just given a little bit longer to live, but they are willing to sacrifice us to better their chances. They are pushing testing for HIV soon as to be able to test us under force. The hiv is also part of the ‘ingredients’ in jabs and so the vaxxed will be forced to confirm their hiv status and at the same time those that were lucky enough to receive the placebos will also now be infected for real. Then they are all stuck on Fauci’s hiv medication and patents as is the case now with hiv patients and Fauci will get richer and more powerful. Apart from hiv, the other changes to our dna via modified rna (called messenger rna) will continue as part of the multiple options they have for genocide.


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