1. Daniel Andrews who the hell do you think you are!?
    I figured it out and it is because you think nothing of yourself, with no self respect whatsoever, being one despicable asshole intimidating and terrorizing innocent nurses through busloads of police thugs, who are doing the right thing by standing up for their rights.
    Bet you cannot look at yourself in the mirror withoutm

  2. Let me complete my sentence…what an absolute disgrace you are to the human race!
    Bet you cannot look at your evil face in the mirror for one second.
    You are a disgusting human being!
    Why don’t you go to the nearest police station and hand yourself over for treason against your nation!?
    Australia would be far better of without you in the picture!

  3. @Shalom7 have you seen the videos of Andrews on YT? Also watch AussieCossack on YT for loads of incidents of Police harassment in NSW. They lifted up the skirt of a 3rd year nursing student a mother of 2. Utterly disgusting and disgraceful. They are the animals of Dan and Gladys

  4. The Aussie Cossack makes the NSW Police look like fools. He is constantly being harassed.Especially after he did an interview with Alex Jones.

  5. These doctors and nurses should open their own private facilities to treat unvaccinated patients!


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