1. This could be seen in every major city in Europe,Dublin,Paris,Milan,Rome on Saturday,but when the bells ring on Monday the people will obediently hide behind their masks again.
    What is the impact of those protests on the governments and the politics? Hardly any.
    The protesters can blow off steam for a few hours,the cleaning crew moves in and back to the political business as usual
    This isn`t the late 60 ties of the last century anymore when protests of the people in large gatherings could change the political course of governments.
    Those days are over.
    We are in the second year of the covid terror.With the proofs and evidence of the manipulation of people,science,statistics and figures we could build a new wall of China,but where has the embarrassment and indignation brought us? In our own little private prisons behind our masks:the silence of the lambs.
    But on a Saturday for a few hours,we are allowed to vent and share our frustrations before we head back and wait,while we sip our tea,on an other dreary Monday morning.
    Psychological conditioning of the finest. The world one big Skinner box….

  2. Psychological conditioning only works when you subject yourself to its highly subliminal indoctrination over and over and over again. And that is exactly what the MSM is doing. Reinforcing their fear induced message by repeating it over and over and over again on radio and television broadcasts. Creating the exact response or behaviour patterns that they want in order for people to follow suit like a herd of pigs down the cliff.
    Just don’t buy into it! Use your logical brain to make your own desicions and build your life on Faith instead of fear.

  3. Yet another example of why citizens SHOULD RESIST DISARMERMENT by the government. In a way the British people disserve this kind of treatment as they meakley handed in their private weapons when ordered to do so by the government. The only intelligent response when a government orders citizens to relinquish their arms is “Come and get them.”.

  4. Yet another example of why citizens should RESIST DISARMERMENT BY THE GOVERNMENT.

  5. @ iks:
    Please don’t ask where GOD is.
    GOD sees everything.
    HE is still in control and watching the evil people at work for their own downfall.
    He spoke on the cross and said “IT IS FINISHED”
    God knows the beginning to the end. Every second of it.


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