1. I’m lost for words? From what I can see Australia has become a police State and I’m afraid it’s going to slowly happen to the rest of the world. The tyranny, the fear mongering and manipulation just keep coming. 😥😡

  2. Hi Scott,
    Sorry to see your adopted homeland head into tyranny. AUS had become Prison Island once again. Back to its roots.

    This is, sadly, the risk us expats take when migrating to ‘greener’ pastures. I’m sure that you had many lovely years before all this began. Look on the bright side and dwell on the happier memories.

    You could always head back home to SA. 🙂

  3. I say welcome to a new generation of liquidators and saboteurs who operate from the top down to eliminate those gangsters who run the country . And even if and when they step down , dont stop until the last ones drop. Why waste taxpayers money on prison costs for thieves who have caused so much death , economic destruction and medical mayhem to millions.
    If they supported ANC terrorism against supposed suppression , then they should support themselves against their own government of suppressors.
    One the one hand , the ANCs operations were far away and this operation would have to be carried out by them , so it might not happen . If someone else must then they support but when they have to they might not have the balls to do so . Lets see if they can practice what they preached. Otherwise , They will be the cause of their own downfall because they obeyed and let it happen. Good luck Australia.

  4. We are waiting here in NZ for our government to enforce these restrictions on those who refuse to have the jab. First they say they will use the carrot and stick. Jacinda says if that does not work, then just the stick.

  5. Jacinda looks more like a lelike skraal perd than a carrot, or stick… 😊

    Got hit with the dimwit ugly brush, that one.

  6. Screw Australia… They sided with the communist terrorist pedophile Ukutwala endorser Nelson Mandela.

    Let the Ozzies eat turd cake so they can now feel what we felt for the last 27 years. We also have been in lock down for 28 years now. Take a look at our 10 foot high walls with razor wires to see what I mean.


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