1. We are being controlled through the Jews and the secret societies who get their orders from higher spiritual forces, good and bad. Right now, the bad is winning. Angels and demons, all the way; whether you believe in them, or not, it is true. The ultimate endgame? Our evolution. This has been going on for millions of years and the less you know the better. Now they want to block you off from your God and slow down the development of your soul. Kill the people off and you stop the evolution of the planet. God will not allow this BS.

  2. but if the jews are controlling this whole story then its just more proof that there really is a God, because they are Gods chosen nation and we all know at end of the day the Jews control the financial markets in america

  3. No!! We are being controlled by power hungry financially creedy phsycopaths belonging to different nations and religions and who are the deciples of Satan

    and have no religious followings

  4. Pure evil have no affiliation to any religion, country, race or creed. They are anti everything that our Creator has established. Wake up and put your petty

    religious, race etc differences aside or pure evil will win. They divide and then conquer…we have to fight them as one nation called the human race


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