1. A honourable doctor ! ( There is a crack in everything – THAT’S WHERE THE LIGHT COMES IN . – Leonard Cohen )

  2. Heather didnt show much respect for Dr Bays medical privacy when she asked him if he had taken the hell jab, none of her business as Dr Bay rightly told her. I havn’t got much time for Doctors, in my experience they are basically useless and cause as much harm as good but at least this Dr is trying to put his patients first . I think we can assume that the vast majority of Drs are putting themselves first and patients a distant last, after all you gotta have the money rolling in, even if its at the patients expense in causing strokes, blood clots

  3. I wish my GP was as honest and caring as this Dr. May God Bless Dr Bays for his courage and honesty. A brave man !!! MSM will not cover this.


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