1. Its a great response ti what has happened.
    I have questions for the CE. Why does Spar continue to accept Government interference is its right to do legitimate business?

    What an I talking about. The right to trade in liquor. The product is a legal product is it not?
    Why is SPAR so silent on this matter?

    I have witnessed and experienced the SPAR’s staff enforcing Government regulations like the Mask Mandate in true Nazi fashion with vigour. There is abundant evidence that they do not work as do ridiculous screens not prevent aerolized movement of airborne particles. Why have they not taken government to task?

    They appear to acquiesce and do whatever the government decrees?

  2. Yes … I live 100 meters from the Spar. It’s a fantastic chain of stores.

    As @ John Alexander: said, Spar enforces mask wearing, even after a week since the incident. I have even been refused to pay for groceries because I wasn’t wearing a mask. Ain’t it funny how there’s only a virus inside Spar but not outside? Did the looters wear masks? Is Spar a powerhouse or a nerdy company that bows to evil? Why is Spar being complicit in this whole evil vaccination scheme? Why are you white? Yes I’m angry because my friend had the Pfizer vaccination.

    I believe in Spar and I know Spar will do everything they can to assist South Africa, just like Pick n Pay.

  3. I totally agree with you! All conclusion I can come to is that Spar will try to serve more than 1 god and get away with it, as long as they can make max money out of it…


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