1. The nwo pyramid is controlled from its top by a small set of controls, but they cleverly turned this pyramid into a washing machine……..yes…a brainwashing machine. The captured freemasons and illuminati pawns and their networks and oaths, are tying them together into an efficient guerilla group. They were brainwashed for starters with their childish ridiculous inauguration ceremonies and wearing little aprons and blindfolds etc. They’, then had to brainwash the sheeple with the msm brainwashed networks. Once the gang can be frightened as they frighten the brainwashed sheeple, so they will lose their bonding to the top controllers. It is because it is so easy for the police to just follow orders, but once they can feel the heat also they will start thinking twice on their actions. All can see the law has been twisted to fit genocidal agendas like the nasty askenazi did, and we can prevent auschwitzes by numbers. Our problem is when they switch on 5 g during demonstrations—so people keep away from main roads with 5 g lamp posts or lure the police into those zones also as protection. They won’t fry their own…

  2. Maybe another message must be given to the police…pamphlets must be strewn at the police and soldiers with information HOW THEY WILL BE PROTECTED AND GIVEN FOOD BY THE MASSES IF THEY REMOVE THEMSELVES FROM THE POLICE FORCE. If they all resign and hand in their uniforms, then the politician pawns will get scared and flea the country. It will only last for a few weeks, but if the general public can then just walk into parliament and make speeches then they will soon realize they are alone without protection. The police and soldiers now are just used by politicians and will also be fatally jabbed eventually. It is better to suffer now while we can still reverse the suffering…..but with concentration death camps YOU CAN’T REVERSE THE SUFFERING AGAIN. Some auschwitz survivors were rescued by the allies, but this time there will be NO RESCUERS. The fight is NOW in our hands.

  3. We are being controlled through the Jews and the secret societies who get their orders from higher spiritual forces, good and bad. Right now, the bad is winning. Angels and demons, all the way; whether you believe in them, or not, it is true. The ultimate endgame? Our evolution. This has been going on for millions of years and the less you know the better. Now they want to block you off from your God.

  4. @ Edward Barlow:
    Wise words from Leonard Cohen about Racism
    “A great race affirms all other races
    A great culture affirms all other cultures
    A great religion affirms all other religions
    A great country affirms all other countries “

  5. The protests are getting angrier. Soon the cops are going to be running for their lives or getting smeared across the pavement.


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