1. Absolutey agree that the msm are an evil disgrace, they have deliberately lied about the covid pandemic and the death jabs and they also pander to racist hate groups such as BLM with the anti-white agenda. The majority of politicians, Big Pharma and the worlds medical personnel also lie their heads off for worldly gain. Its time to turn to Jesus with all our hearts and pray for our families,friends and countries.

  2. Lets pray that the law abiding citizen have their equipment at the ready and are able to defend their families.

  3. people can say what they want but all these problems are caused by “blacks. they have limited capabilities blame others for this. they have been pandered to for so long it has created an arrogance in them. nothing on this planet is the same nor has it ever been. just because you believe in Jesus doesn’t mean God created everything here the same. i believe in book of Ecclesiastes that it says there are gifts and divers of gifts. people should be allowed to like and dislike as they would so long as it doesn’t harm another(my opinion)


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