All animals of the same species look nearly alike, because they are emanated from the same group-spirit, while among the 7-8 billion human beings who people the Earth no two looks exactly alike, not even twins when adolescent, because the stamp that is put upon each by the indwelling individual Ego makes the difference in appearance as well as in character.
    Man is an indwelling spirit, a Self-conscious Ego, or Soul, separate from all other entities, directing and working in one body from WITHIN, and plants and animals [not yet individualised and self-conscious] are directed from WITHOUT by Group-Spirits [one for each species] having jurisdiction over a number of animals or plants and their developing spirits.
    That all oxen thrive on grass, and all lions eat flesh, while “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” is another illustration of the all-inclusive influence of the group-spirit as contrasted with the Ego which makes each human being require a different proportion of food from every other. Doctors note with perplexity the same peculiarity in administering medicine. It acts differently upon different individuals, while the same medicine will produce identical effects on two animals of the same species, owing to the fact that animals all follow the dictates of the group-spirit and Cosmic law. Each man is a species on his own. Scientists only need to test one animal in a species for a certain drug or vaccine. Not so with Man. To make a perfect vaccine for humanity, is impossible because every person on this planet must be tested first. It might work for you, but not for your wife or child or another race. This goes for any drug. [EB-TRCC]

    Rudolf Steiner predicted this in 1917.
    I study esoteric science and philosophy/spiritual sciences and have come across the following information. I have tried to post it but it gets deleted every time. If you cannot use it, it is still good to know about it and you can pass the info on to somebody that can make use of it.
    We are in a spiritual war. Rudolf Steiner predicted the vaccine 104 years ago in 1917. He died in 1925. The reason for using it on humanity, especially on children, he said, will be, “a vaccination against any inclination towards spirituality.” They want to stop our spiritual development and turn us into materialists/satanists. The vaccine is like fluoride on steroids.
    Please listen from 16:25 to 19:26 on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj9eIgeyt0k
    Please listen from 3:01:50 to 3:04: 30 in this video.

  2. Doctors are supposed to be highly educated, but seems to me they are pretty dumb, I knew from day one that these jabs were made to wipe out world populations. And the doctors only start thinking in those lines now? It has just made me not even trust any Medical Doctor anymore.


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