1. im very sure round the world are many countries that will want and need indian traders to boost their economy . Living with the enemy, catch 22 scenarios in durban. at least the state of indian has the law of return for all Indian diaspora worldwide. would i trade where im attacked or shop looted, hell no. Stuff them

  2. The main steam media are the most evil of evils, they lie, manipulate, and are not neutral, reporting only the truth. I want nothing to do with their evilness, they will burn in Hell for all their evilness they cause in the World.Their Owners and contrllers are exactly the same people who crucified Yeshua.

  3. Sabc has been for many years controlled by the government. There is no real journalism anymore. Hasn’t been for many years. I have not watched any Sabc channel nor etv for a number of years. I don’t support them in any way. They are biased and liars and clearly show racial preferences etc.

  4. Still curious about the BLM movement…so must I presume that Indian, Coloured and White lives DON’T matter?

  5. All lives matter! The BLM movement has been the one that has created the racial scenario. We all want to live in peace and enjoy our friends, no matter what colour our skin is! All the TV news channels around the world report to support rubbish movements like this to create division.

  6. The Indians have proven that they are not going to take their shit and the leaders of the riots will now do everything in their power to try and eliminate this thread for future riots. If the Indians get away with their hardhanded resistance the rioters might not be so easily inspired in the future.

  7. Indians might need to form their own Boere Legion-Indian version… as I predict media is trying to ferment further attacks by black rioters in their areas.

    Even this hashtag of some exaggerated massacre is another ongoing attempt to incite people against them…

    These reporters should ve arrested for inciting violence…🤔🤔🤔

  8. Dont forget 1949 riots they were butchered. 72 years later Indian population has more than tripled and is stronger and more
    than capable to defend themselves in a vicious and fearless manner.Dont ever underestimate their power.


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