1. Remember all those Arnold Schwartzenegger movies where hes trying to survive in a futuristic totalitarian society, theres no freedom and no escape from the despotic tyranny, well we all now are involved in those movies because fantasy based movies have become our reality.

  2. I am an ex South African now living in Australia. The Queensland Government is now sending people around in cars to inject the people anywhere in the country wherever they find them. Even on the beaches and at camping areas. On Saturday 28/8/21, I was at a camping spot at a river in Babinda, south of Cairns in Northern Queensland when one of these idiots showed up with an idiotic grin on his face asking us if we had the Covid shot yet? He had a white coat on and looked like a retired medical doctor. I sure as hell told him his fortune and what he can do with his needle. I also told him that we have the number of his car and that we will come for him and his pals as soon as the people start dying from the injections and that I personally will chop him up in a million pieces. He fled for his live because as more people found out what was going on it got to hot for him and he panicked and fled.

  3. @ Edward Barlow:
    And if anyone agreed to be jabbed and had a bad reaction or died from the fake vaxx, would the white coated individual have given two hoots, i dont think so , but im sure he would have been well paid, Drs in the US are getting paid 80 k for every 200 people vaxxed.

  4. If it weren’t such a sad state of affairs, it would have been a very good laugh. Where are the politicians with brains?

  5. just remember that 99,999% of Australian forefathers are criminals—- just remember during the 1800’s Queen Victoria put those criminals on boats and shipped them to Australia and that’s why its more racist than South Africa, one doesn’t see any Indigenous Australians working at the airport or owing shops, now it is hitting back to the kids of those grandparents, its terrible of how the people are being treated by government and white policeman acting against their own skin colour

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