1. Better then nazi

    It is a smoke screen of the antichrist system that will come in another generation after me

    You know the mark of the beast

  2. Yeah very true , blacks can say things like, all whites need to be wiped out because they are a degenerate race without any redeeming traits who stole libraries full of information from blacks, which is exactly what i heard today from a fat black 41 yr old woman, an american university professor. Despite this disgusting racism she wont be losing her job anytime soon whereas if a white person said something a tenth as bad , they would be gone.

  3. You would be amazed at the amount of people in the UK who actually go along with the lies of the UK Government and their MSM!

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  5. They just took down the Dr Zandre Botha video I shared on Facebook. They’re demonic and evil.

  6. …and what do they do with the anti vaxxers in jail… Are they force vaccinated there?

  7. You have to admit though, that squid clip does portray the true state of western culture, they even have the women on the team.

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