1. It is a damn disgrace. Can you imagine what are the nationwide figures. But what do you expect when the government is made up of corrupt individuals.

  2. i read the article and sent it to Scott, believe me this is not the truth about the figures,,im sure its much more, it cant be only 500, there’s so many that never get reported,,its swept under the carpet,, these are only the logged ones, what about the thousands that never get reported due to fear, or being threatened

  3. Well the police in SA is a complete utter disgrace infact the entire police system right across the world is pathetic. I honestly feel that we do not need them at all_ just my opinion. I went to take my sister away to red cross childrens hospitalaround 12h30am as her 2 year old daughter had an emergency well I thought let me visit the cop shop 1st for permission as we the naughty children/citizens need permission from the our corrupt men and woman in blue first. Well the doors was closed and by closed I mean locked according to the rude constable so what did or could I have expected within SA – when i’ve managed to opened the door and proceeded to enquiries counter the constable asked me ask me with an attitude how did I get in as the doors was locked and what was I doing so late on the road knowing that its curfew with this bad normal corrupt attitude I fast realize that it was past my bed time already Hippo eyes gave us a time to be in bed- this woman insist that the door was locked and picked up a fight with me over a locked door. the constable told me that she and one of the constables personally locked the doors so no one could enter. Why the heck would the doors of a police station be locked to begin with and why are they locking the doors for the public . What if the public needed them for an emergency. These cops feel untouchable. But maybe they know they can get away with anything and everything knowing their government hierarchy is corrupt and the police minister only sits with his teaching diploma so what more can we expect from these corrupt rude disgusting criminal police men and woman.I wish these cops can be removed from their pedestals or completely out of power with their disgusting president as well as their minister of police. Mr Minister of police I dont even know your name and are not interested in knowing your name with your teachers diploma.Please teach your staff how to deal with the public in professional manner and not to locked the doors for the communities. What the heck are you teaching the men and woman with your teachers diploma i will not be surprised if you most probably bought your teachers diploma within one of your localtownships you corrupt piece of shit.

  4. @ anthonygermany:
    What about the rest of the country? I can assure you that the Eastern Cape figures possibly gives Gauteng a good run for their money!

  5. Mr N
    I would not have taken the chance of riding around after curfew, have you seen what has happened to people who have done it,, i understand you needed to take someone to the hospital,, it would have been better then to rather just go straight to the hospital,, the SAPD are all evil Commies,, i have no respect for them,, have you seen when one lands at Jan Smuts airport and you walk to go to customs,, there were the sign says, “do you have anything to declare” how they just sit around and talking or drinking tea of coffee, that’s why sorry to say i don’t feel sorry when I hear or see of them killed or shot, its like at Jan Smuts airport ,, when going threw to passport control— how they treta one at the board that say SA citizens to the left and oversees tourists to the right and you have a german passport,, how they speak to you with no respect,, once he spoke in Afrikkans to another black person saying “””these stupid German tourists: so when i was finished i walked back and said to him in Afrikaans :: ekt jou verstaan hoor and i said to him do you want to know what we call black people back in Germany,if i do you will have me arrested: he just looked at me


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