1. Wees baie versigtig mense. Die jakkals is ook n skelm dier. Be very wary people. Please do some research . I will say no more .🤫

  2. You are coming around you say Scott. You can just as well go get the jab. Sound like the same thing.

  3. He does not have the know-how or the knowledge or the capabilities to farm. Empty words – no actions unfortunately!!!!!

  4. All comment are always welcome good or bad. Don’t be blinded by the faults of Neil De Beer. However please open your eyes and try and imagine the bigger picture that may just unfold during the elections in 2024. With enough support in that elections for the UIM the parliament picture may look like this.
    ANC 28 % UIM 32 %DA 33% EFF 10% We need to get rid of the devil and his lapdog. Never again will the ANC and EFF dominate the parliament. ” Now how is that for wishful thinking”

  5. I believe God is opening the eyes of many people. You may still be wary of him and I implore you to be. I believe we should give him a chance, like we were forced to give communism a chance in 1994.

    Let Hein Marx, General Izak van Zyl and Colonel Wynand du Toit run this country, supervising Neil de Beer.

    Smaller countries are wealthier, so let Jack Millar be president of the Cape Republic and the rest of South Africa can grow their financial investments in the Cape Republic.

  6. At least Neil de Beer made good on his promise of nine months ago!

  7. Oh no, please Scott!!! We have seen enough by now to know that there is something seriously amiss with this soul…..

  8. Never ever trust a jew, indian and black. Look at the history. They will never change. Part of their DNA, unchangeable. The Edomite hate for his brother Jacob.

    En Esau was Jakob vyandig gesind vanweë
    die seën waarmee sy vader hom geseën het, en
    Esau het in sy hart gedink: Die dae van die rou
    oor my vader is naby; dan sal ek my broer Jakob

  9. Oh please Scott!!!! We have seen enough about this unbalanced man, and not only on LL, but on other platforms as well.

  10. @ Philip Rudolf:
    “Don’t be blinded by the faults …” so just go with the den of a proven liar and worse? You should get a conscience. Go away.

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