1. It’s like buying a bag of crisps…you pay for a bag of air with a few crisps at the bottom

  2. In most good restuarants they will put the raw weight of meat in brackets . Must check.
    I feel so lucky here in Holland . The food bank gave me 5 kg of meats for 1 week besides vegies , tinned foods , beverages , cheeses , fruits , detergents etc etc . I have a large backpack from 30 years of traveling and its full to overflowing so I have to strap the big stuff onto the carrier of my bicycle . Im not counting on that lasting very much longer but enjoy it thoroughly while it comes my way. I feel truly blessed . I go every week for 3 months . If my situation doesnt change workwise then I get it extended for another 3 months. Most of these foods would have been thrown away by the supermarkets if there no food bank making it available to registered beneficiaries like myself.


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